K5 inkset for 1430 printers

A number of years ago, Jon wrote an article about the emerging Pizeography2 platform and in that article it spoke of a K5 system so one could use GO in one of the cartridges.

March, 2012 newsletter revealed,
So, it is easy to convert these to a K5 system with GO installed in the sixth slot. The matte and photo black cartridges are easily swapped out to make a Piezography2 system.

I have not found anything like this at IJM, though I am sure it exists. I have not found any curves that support a K5 system so I am not sure where to go with that thought.
Hopefully I will find the article that shows how to set up the 1430 to use as a GO printer.
If Walker or Jon have any ideas on this, I would be happy to hear about it.

This got shelved on the R&D list due to new carbon pigment available (Pro ink). A single-pass K5 + gloss system is in the works.

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Not trying to push because there are workarounds, however, can we expect this in the next quarter or is that to ambitious? Your staff does such a great job with all the products you offer, this would be no doubt a big shot to the arm for 14xx users.

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Yeah. It’s planned for next quarter. First ink will actually be a pure carbon ink-set, then neutral. (The two can then be mixed to make warm neutral, etc). Selenium and speced are a bit harder to R&D because these are actual split-tone systems themselves.

Working on support for the XP-15000 as well.


This is highly intriguing. But first, I can get here with a link in my email summary but how do I get here via the forum list? In other words, what forum is this in? Sorry, sounds like a dumb question!



this was in Misc. I switched it to Piezo sub forum.


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I hesitate to post what’s on my mind, I want to be clear I’m not one to start an argument!

In that spirit, I have to say I’ve been using an inkset developed by Paul Roark on my Epson 1400. I also have a 1430 that I’ve put in storage loaded by Piezoflush thanks to some coaching here at IJM. I have what I like to call a hybrid approach. Paul has very generous with his skills and has been helpful to many of us. I confess to some loyalty issues here!

His 6 position inkset originally consisted of one cart filled with 100% Eboni and five carts of varying dilutions. Eboni has a new formulation now, slightly warmer. So the current inkset eliminates the yellow position dilution which contained about 2% Eboni, and instead uses a cyan/blue ink which cools the effect of the warmer Eboni. With QTR it’s possible to vary the warmth/neutrality of the final print - I was pleased to see your 5K allows some tonal variation also.

Perhaps you know all this, sorry to be redundant! But a drawback is that traffic in the Yahoo groups has diminished to a rather disturbing low. I believe this is due in large part to the shortcomings of the Yahoo group structure. I’m somewhat envious of the lively activity here on IJM. Here, I’ve learned a lot from say the videos posted by Dana, for example. I’m about to place an order for the new carts IJM has developed for the 14xx. Like I say, a hybrid approach. Running low on Piezoflush too.

Why am I posting this? I’ll be watching your R&D on the K5 inkset with great interest. I doubt I’d be using the 6th position for GO - I’ve come to appreciate mat paper - strange, in the darkroom I preferred Ilford’s gloss paper air-dried to a lovely semi-gloss. Or Agfa sometimes for a warmer look. In the digital world I’m using Premier Art FineArt in the 205 gm/sqm weight, also known by its Epson packaging as archival Scrapbook paper. Lately I’ve been using Red River Aurora Art Natural.with promising success.

I hope you’ve taken my comments in a supportive way. I have great respect for the thoroughness and quest for improvement shown here, under Jon’s leadership and a dedicated staff. Let’s hope all our approaches advance the art of b/w digital printing to everyone’s benefit.

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If matte only, our K6 inks will work.


If you want to DIY tinker, do matte printing, and do your own curves and do K5 as-is just buy our K5 Pro inks (Cool and Warm). Mix 18% Warm to get neutral. It will work on matte and be gloss compatible as well. We sell them in 60mL bottles. GO for it!


Long ago (like 2004,5,6) I was a weekly poster on BW forum along with Jon, John Dean, Tyler Boley, etc, etc. I was loyal too! But times changed drastically.

I don’t post on the BWprint forum because every time I post someone else comes in and wants to flame. I think that’s why it has low post ratio because all of us who had actual information to impart got fed-up and left . . . I left for about 5+ years well before working at IJM, went back on for about 3 months, and then left again in exasperation . .

re formulation (xpost about colorants on BW forum): Unlike Roark, we make incredibly complex monochrome inks (micro encapsulated) with very very complex dispersions that allow for gloss-compatible printing and high-dmax (L* 2ish on gloss papers and L* 12.45 on matte papers). The process for making our ink requires industrial machines that are not feasible for DIY use and more importantly we (as a business) have no practical reason to give our competitors the ability to make our ink. Due to business-hostile comments on the BW forum related to our work in formulating the ink, I left the forum. If people want to tone/tint/dilute our 100% carbon ink (UltraHD MK and HD PK), they have all the right to do whatever they want with it (we support consumer rights!) when they’ve bought it but we can’t offer support of someone else’s recipe here because we spend a lot of time, literal sweat, and treasure creating high quality products that can last in a bottle for years. We are not Ikea.

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Thanks Walker, that was helpful background for me. I’m tired of tinkering! I want to make photographs!

Some basic questions - for example, what does this mean:?

and this - what does HD stand for?

How is the progress on the K5 for the 1430 as well as the XP-15000. I have a 1430 printer and was thinking of the XP-15000. How much better will the XP-15000 be in producing Digital Negatives than the 1430 printer.

Quality-wise the neg will be about the same. The xp-15000 will be much easier to handle neg film however.

It’s delayed due to a lot of reasons right now. I’m thinking mid-summer. 1430 is best bet.


Thank you for your response. Is the reason the xp-15000 handles negative film easier because of the loading mechanism is superior? Also, is the 1430 the best bet because its ability to have an ICSS ink drive system?


Al Cheech

The 15000 will be Dye ink so no need to mess with the star wheels.

The 1430 is, in some ways, better because it actually uses larger and refillable carts (15000 will never be refillable, the cartridge is a totally different design and is physically incapable of being refilled). I suggest our refillable carts for the 1430. We redesigned them from scratch in 2017: