K3V HD version

I see we can upgrade our K3V to K3V HD now. I assume these would need a new profile. Do I need to make my own profile for the HD version? I couldn’t find any HD profiles in your R3000 profile library.


If you add the new HD-PK, you will benefit most by making your own or having custom ICCs made (after you are sure the new PK is printing).
The custom ICC will open up all kinds of shadow color gamut and is very worthwhile.

I love Jon’s answer. Translation: “Yes, I will have to make my own.” :smiley:

I’ll have to think about this over the next day or two. Amazon.ca has the Colormunki Photo as low priced as I’ve ever seen it. It’s actually cheaper to get if than through Amazon.com after considering the exchange rate. And that’s including Trudeau’s cut! Amazing.

Just before I consider jumping, has anyone actually relinearised piezo profiles using the colormunki?