K3 Vivid vs HD

What’s the difference in these two formulations?

Can both be used in 3880? I remember reading somewhere that I could get same benefit of P800 without buying a new printer.

They can both be used in both printers. However (re: P800) Unless you are in EU or South-East Asia, P-800 refill carts are locked out (in US models) and anyone selling them here as “working” is a fraud. Please see our P800 page at inkjetmall.com for details http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Shop-By-Printer/Epson-SureColor-P800/. (I suggest a 3880 for now).

I thought I posted this this morning. But can’t find it. My apologies if it is a duplicate.

Do you have profiles for the 3880 with the HD ink?

Are the CMY’s of HD set the same CMY’s of the K3 Vivid set?

We are currently making profiles for the 3880 and the HD

The CMYs are currently the same. The changed ink is the [I]Black[/I].