Just received my set of conecolor Pro HD and yellow bottle color appears orange

Thanks for shipping to Canada with USPS, they are a much cheaper alternative to UPS.

1- I was surprised to see the yellow CCPRO-Y-110 bottle shows a more orange color look than my practically empty yellow bottle that appears definitely yellow (lemon color). Is this an optical illusion and can I add the ink from the new bottle to my existing yellow cart ?

2- After reading your documentation, is there only the high density photo black CCDPRO-PK-HD-110 that can not be added to its existing cart ?

3- What is the safest weight (using an electronic scale) that a cart can empty before pulling air in the lines ?

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  1. The pigment we use in the yellow ink is actually pretty unique and has an orange optical cast while it prints with a perfectly reflective yellow. I know, it’s odd.

  2. Yes.

  3. This is not about weight (every cart can be slightly different in weight). Look at the cart and see the if the ink is near bottom.

Regarding your answer on item 3 : After weighting all my new 110 ml bottles all are between 138grams-142grams.
From your documentation I read the following:

The circle and rectangle chambers marked below MUST be at least
1/2 filled with ink for proper ink flow.

Refill cartridges before ink level reaches 1/2” from the bottom for proper ink flow and to avoid running a cartridge empty. As long
as the circle and rectangle chambers indicated above are at least 1/2 filled with ink, the cartridge does not need to be re-primed. If
the chambers are low or empty, the cartridge must be re-primed to refill the exit channel with ink.

1- Is this means the ink can be at 1/2 inch from the bottom of the cart, while the two chambers (round & rectangular) above are at least 1/2 full ?
2- Is air can go in the lines if there is still some ink in theses two chambers mentioned in question 1 ?


1- Yes. Top off the cartridge at 1/2 from the bottom.
2 - It’s unlikely if it’s at 1/2 inch but if you agitate the cartridge at 1/2 inch or lower than this is a stronger likely-hood. We suggest topping off the cartridge at 1/2" from the bottom.


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