Just purchased Orange 9900 Cartridge, device not recognizing it

We are having clogged nozzle problems on our 9900, and I purchased two PiezoFlush kits for the two colors we’re seeing problems with.

But our printer isn’t recgonzing the Orange cartridge. The yellow it sees just fine.

We’ll get you out an orange cartridge replacement ASAP.


Thank you for the quick reply!

Okay, I just received the replacement ink cartridge, filled it with Peizoflush and again my machine doesn’t recognize it.
Two cartridges in a row not being recognized by the system. Am I doing something wrong?

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong.

You may need to put the OEM cart in there though and double check that IT is working.

It could be a bend sensor.


I did. I switched out the first cartridge and I’ve been able to generate prints all last week while I waited for the new one.

And just flipped it again. Epson is recognizing the OEM cartridge.

And you are not doing anything other than putting the new IJM cart in? You aren’t resetting it before hand or anything correct?


I pulled out the OEM cartridge, put in the new one.

Says no ink.

Do the same thing in reverse.

I will need to check over the current cartridge (chip) that you have. I will handle this through email with you and sales.

So sorry for the trouble on this.


Thanks for following up on this. Do you need anything more from me here, or wait for the email?

You’ll get an email shortly.


We got the orange chips back. Both of them work perfectly.

I think you have a malformed ink bay (mis-aligned ink bay).

Two things to check.

  1. Make sure the metal lock tounge at the bottom of the orange channel is not bent down compared to others. Use a long standard screw driver to lift it back into place if so.

  2. Take the right cover panel off the right side of the new Orange cartridge we are sending you. If may be getting stuck on something in your ink bay.