Just installed refillables - no ink going through head

I just got through my epson inks that came with the printer. installed all my new r3000 refillables. watched the video several times. seems like i followed the instructions. but i can’t get any ink to flow out. do a nozzle check and nothing to barely something appears. did several head cleanings to the point that the printer thought my carts were empty. so i followed the steps of using a paper clip to reset the carts. well, must have blew the VM because now the printer doesn’t recognize it. probably need to order a new chip. but before i place an order. is there anything else i would need? what do i need to do to get the carts flowing? i’ve tried sucking the air out again with the syringes. i’ve opened the color rubber caps and hear them gasp. then figure i put air in and need to suck air out again. i’m running in circles and can’t get a resolve. off to find someone who sells epson carts because i need this thing running tomorrow. the carts in my 9890 works GREAT!! but having lots of difficulty with the r3000


Hi Tim~

Did you remove the air vent plugs from all refill carts after filling them with ink, and before installing into your printer? This is necessary for ink to flow from the carts, and into the printer- if vent plugs aren’t removed, then no ink will flow from the carts, and a vacuum will be created inside the cart while the printer tries to draw ink out.

Please let me know~ Dana