Just got used i1 pro V2 photospectrometer and had question before diving in to it

Hello Walker,
I just got used i1 pro v2 photospectrometer unit. What version of i1 profiler software do I need to download?

I did download V MAC M1 and it showing DEMO in all columns the section of work flow selector and in licensing section, It is asking for licensing of software or upgrade of the License?
Do I really need the License for the software or demo is good enough if I am using V3.5.0.1- Mac version for M1

Thank You in advance

Hello Walker,
Please let me know about above issue I mentioned before i buy piezography professional edition.

I replied to the DM.


Thanks for the reply. I had to return it back as it was not recording the data when I was sliding over the target print after drying out over night and time for the return was very short. I did review your video tutorial and followed the instructions as mentioned but meter would not reflect on the screen target by making inclined line across the individual color target and it reported that error has occurred in measuring the target. Thus I had to return it. I even called x-brite and they looked through the serial number and said it only will work with specific third party R.I.P software. It was for the industry. I will look for another used one now-specifically basic i1 pro2.

Thank you