Issues with light black cartridge in EPSON 7900

I have an EPSON 7900 and have just replaced the Light Black EPSON cartridge with the Cone cartridge, primed and ready. At first, the printer could not read that there was a cart installed, so I removed it, reset the chip, and reinstalled. Then the bank of carts on the right side – specifically, 3 out of 5 bays are Cone carts – came up as not being installed. I then turned off the printer, waited a few minutes, and turned it back on. A 1537 service error came up. I was able to circumvent this by turning off the printer, opening the right ink cover, and removing the Cone cart, replacing it with the old EPSON cart. Turned it back on and everything was fine. I am wondering is this a chip error or something else? This has been the only time I have ever had an issue with the cartridges.

Hi Stefan~

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing some difficulty with our refillable carts in your 7900 printer.

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the 7900 refillable carts and ConeColor pro inks in mid-2012.
Please clarify: are you priming the carts by using ONLY the slip-tip syringe, or the syringe with small plastic priming tip attached (as per our latest video and written instructions)? As directed by the cartridge manufacturer, we originally instructed customers to prime carts using the slip-tip syringe. This procedure works very well, and I never had any problems priming this method, but we did receive several reports from customers who damaged the gray rubber seal at the end of the exit valve, causing ink to leak from the cartridge and occasionally also causing a pressurization error that you are experiencing. Due to feedback from customers, we added the small plastic priming tip, which we feel makes priming easier, and has less chance of causing damage to the cart since it is made to fit perfectly into the cartridge exit valve.

From your explanation, it sounds like you are experiencing two different issues:

  1. The cartridge recognition error you got I believe is caused by the connection between the cartridge chip and printer’s chip sensor, if there is not a good connection the printer will display an error, often times with several cartridge positions at once. To resolve this, push ALL carts towards the left of the cartridge chamber as per the instructions in the current refill cartridge instructions, in the troubleshooting section.
  2. The 1537 error you got is displayed when the printer detects a loss of pressure in the ink feed system. Are any of your cartridges leaking ink from anywhere, or does your printer’s pressurization pump suddenly come on more often after installing the most recent position refill cartridge?

Please let me know if you have questions, and respond to my questions above so I can determine the cause and solution to your issues, to help get you back to happily printing.
Thanks and best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Yes, all the cartridges were primed using the slip tip syringe.

I reinserted that Cone cart, pushing it to the left as instructed. No difference.

I should note that the 7900 has developed an issue where it can not perform a normal clean, much less a power clean. I have called for it to be serviced; I just wanted to make sure that the Cone carts weren’t the problem. Clearly it wasn’t, since the cleaning issue happened before installing the Cone light black.

I do see there is a micro crack near the rubber seal, which I didn’t notice before (made obvious by the ink that delineates the plastic around it).

Sorry, there are no cracks in the plastic cart.

Update: I purchased an EPSON light black cartridge and it was overnighted and arrived today. EPSON is running and printing fine. I am now concerned that it is either the chip or the Cone cartridge that is the problem. Help?

Hi Stefan~

For the best results, the process of pushing carts to the left for a good connection with the chip and sensor works best if you push ALL carts towards the left of the cartridge chamber (not just the one cart).

If you continue getting an error after pushing all the refill carts towards the left, then it may be the LK chip isn’t working correctly and attaching a new chip to your LK cart would solve the problem.

Please keep me posted so I can help, best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Did what you said, continue to receive an error; would probably need a new chip. For the record, there is not much if at all “play” when inserting the cart into the printer. But I favored the left, all the same.

Thanks for the update Stefan. Based on your explanation, it sounds like the chip on your refillable LK cart is dead or no longer working correctly, and would be resolved by attaching a new chip to the cart.
We recommend everyone have a set of replacement chips on hand, so a chip can be quickly replaced if needed, and printing resumed without downtime of having to wait for a new chip to arrive in the mail. You can get chips for your 7900 refillable carts here:
Instructions for replacing chips on our refillable cartridges can be found in this article:
(and are also included in the refill cartridge instructions).

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything further I can help you with.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: