Issues replacing 9900 print head already using Cone BW inks?

I have a 7 yo 9900 of which I just changed over to PiezoPro. The Orange channel is dead and the yellow channel has 1 tiny clogged nozzle. I am running 8 inks plus GO and would not mind adding that last ink, VL warm. I am also concerned about the future availability of heads for the 9900 so I am willing to buy a replacement head now. However the service tech says there MIGHT be an issue with the uni/ bilateral calibration because there are no color inks in the printer and he’s not sure if that calibration requires color. My question is has anyone changed the print head on a 9900 or 7900 that already had only B&W inks installed? Any issues?


You can do a Manual UniDirection head alignment with these inks on gloss paper (no problem). The heads will be available for several more years.


Thanks for the reply. If I do a manual uni directional alignment does that rule out bi-directional printing forever? Or does the Uni directional also align it sufficiently in both directions?

Also having a clogged nozzle, just one, in the yellow (warm light) create any discernible loss in print quality and conversely would having all 10 channels working and being able to add VL warm, ( i only have 9 working channels right now, no Orange/VLwarm at all) have a discernible improvement in print quality?

One thing I forgot to add, not sure if this is relevant but my 9900 does not seem to print PiezoPro inks properly at 2880. It seems that not enough ink gets through. It prints light and with an pointilist texture. However at 1440 it seem just fine. Is this indicative of a print head issue?

Not sure what this could be but I doubt it’s a resolution issue. Please post photo. It could be a head issue.


Always print UniD though.