Issue With Piezography k6 Gloss Surface



I recently set up a 3880 with the Piezography DN system and the neutral inks with the HD black inks. I’ve made successful digital negs and the matte prints on Canson Matte rag are all normal. Yesterday I ran a couple of prints through on Canson Platine and the print color and linearization with the supplied curves give very smooth and subtlety dimensional results. I was impressed. The problem I’m having though is extreme bronzing and extreme gloss differential between the ink surface and the paper base. The gloss enhancer tank is full and it seems to me that is being applied but if it is it’s certainly not enough. This is a one pass system right? What am I doing wrong? If I spray these prints with three heavy coats of Hahnemühle Protective Spray they are fine, but I’d rather have the option of not doing that or have to run the print back through the printer for the glop coat.



No. I looked up your account and you have a two-pass ink system (for gloss inkjet printing).

Piezography Pro inks are 1-pass, K7/6 inks are 2. You do have the Pro Black inks (UHD-MK and HD-PK) but that is it.

For small gloss ink-on-paper prints and this printer in particular I (personal experience) recommend a basic spray gloss: Hahnemuhle Archival Spray to minimize and chance that you will mare the print.

The GO is printed with the digital negative (it hardens it) during the first pass of PiezoDN.



All that being said, the next LOT of K6/7 Neutral will be single pass. This is Yet-To-Be-Announced (officially) but I’m making the inks now in the production cleanroom.



Thanks Walker,

I’ll check the documentation on how to run the second pass.
Yea it would be nice not having to do that.
But I love K6 and got this printer primarily for DN.