Is there a way to spray just the GO with the Pro inkset

I occasionally print color and would like to overcoat the print with GO. I am able to to that with my K7 inkset on the 3880, however, I would like to overcoat with just GO on my 7880 with the Pro inkset.

The GCO of the pro ink-set is not exactly a good second-pass over-coater sadly but I’d give it a try. May work for you. Just install the 30000-GO curves from the 7880 K7 curve folder.


Last week at the Piezo Workshop in Santa Fe Jon Cone recommended passing glossy prints through GO. He says it gives them a wonderful look. I have never done it, but plan to.

Jon is absolutely correct. Using the original K7 inkset GO on my 3880 with my color prints take on a glow and depth that you can’t get any other way.
My question was regarding the PRO inkset that applies GO in the initial pass unlike K7 which requires a second pass.
Walker suggested I try the GO curve from the K7 inkset but that it may not be optimal. I had read somewhere that the new Pro GO was formulated differently than the K7 GO. I will try it and see.

I had asked a similar question earlier and was told the same thing from Walker, that the GCO in the Piezo Pro inkset wouldn’t be optimal as a second pass coating. If you try it, please let us know the outcome.