Is the Epson Software Updater considered harmful?

In the inkjetmall newsletter of 5/08/2018, we were warned not to install firmware updates from Epson, as these may knock out our printers’ ability to use 3rd party chips.

never opt into any firmware update for your printer if prompted. These messages may take the form of a dialog box when using the OEM software on your computer, or on the LCD control panel of the printer itself

I have a P400 printer. I do nozzle checks using the OEM utility on Windows.

Today, when my nozzle check completed, I got this pop-up

EDIT: the img tags aren’t working. The popup says "A new version of Software Updater was found. You must install the new version before continuing. Do you want to update now? Yes No

I clicked “No” because of the warning in the newsletter. But when the popup says “you MUST install the updater before continuing” I wonder what the consequences of saying “No” will be. For example, will the printer no longer turn on the ink light when it thinks a cartridge is empty?

Wow that is so pushy from epson.

You need to figure out how to uninstall the driver. Then download only the driver, not the combo package from epson and install that.


It would be easier to simply uninstall the Software Updater program.