Is the black in the InkThrift CL inkset M or K?



Guess my question about sums it up… am looking forward to this setup but is it for gloss or matt paper, K or M black? Thank you!



I may have answered my own question… the label on the black cart says BK, which I take to mean BlacK for gloss. Otherwise, it would have said MK, or Black for Matt. Do I have this right?



The 1400/1430 printer only has one “black” cart because they’re originally dye printers, and the Ink Thrift CL ink only has one black, which is matte and glossy compatible.


Thanks very much, Dana, that clears it up.

A bit OT on something else… your video on clearing clogs in the 1400/1430. That video helped me a lot, especially the “shoe-shine” technique! Thank you!