Is Shade 1 MPS Photo Black no longer available?

I just purchased a bottle of this at the end of June 2015 (PZK7-SEL-220-1), for the photo black position in a full Selenium setup. Has that shade been discontinued? I don’t see it available on the IJM website or available to re-order it from my sales history. The only photo black option is Warm Neutral, even when browsing the Selenium ink pages.

We have consolidated to one high density, small particle, glossy compatible photo black WN-1. It is actually neutral as was Sel-1. The particle size is smaller as per WN-1. This is the best Photo Black we have every offered. I do not suspect anyone will find any differences other than slightly more dMax (never a bad thing…)

Is the current WN1 the same formulation that Tyler and I tested some months ago, which it turned out was different to the previous formulation, which we both had used as a universal black? If it is, then I assume that the dMax on matte is still a fair bit less then NU1, so it’s still not suitable as a universal shade 1.

I had been using the WN1 gloss black before, but it was so problematic with clogging dampers (2, both aftermarket and Oem) that I went with the pzk7-sel-1 to avoid it. I also had more problems with wn1 and the GO coating - the deepest blacks at levels below 5,5,5 in RGB would show through the GO with WN#1 even after 24hr dry down.

So, is this WN1 any different than the previous offering? Will custom curves be affected?

It is not WN-1 nor SEL-1. We took the best qualities of both inks and combined into one. We are calling it WN-1 for the SKU but the name of the ink is Piezography Photo Black.

We equalized the glossiness and we are using a denser amount of smaller carbon particles. So, although we never intended one ink for a universal - this refinement combines good dMax on matte and eliminates the gloss differential and makes this the best photo black we are offering. Should not cause any curve problems.

I was going to ask whether you’ll be updating the numbers in the “Black is Black” blog article, but I see that it’s no longer there. So my question becomes, will you be republishing them? After all, there was a lengthy debate about them earlier in the year. It would be helpful to see the numbers for this new hybrid gloss shade 1 on both matte and gloss without having to ship a bottle half-way around the world and measuring ourselves.

We’ll do something either by blog or directly on the product page of the new webstore in January.

Thanks, I ordered a bottle of the new shade 1 gloss. Can I add the new ink to the old shade 1 cartridge, or do I need to purge that channel and use a new cartridge for the new shade 1?

They are fully compatible with each other. So you can add is you wish to.