Is Resetting the waste ink pad counter a short term fix?

During last year have not used the Epson r3000 printer a lot. I have also not done any maintenance cleaning either, other than the nozzles . Now have the dreaded ink pad message that they are at ”the end of their life…contact Epson”. Will the resetting procedure and key solve that issue? I plan to install the separate waste bottle, and also have PieozoFlush. Hoping not to have to buy new printer….have been happy with refillable cartridges and Cone Color. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The resetting procedure and key will solve that problem insofar as the error message will go away and you will be able to continue printing. However you will need to install the waste ink bottle asap or else risk waste ink seeping out from the base of the printer. My understanding is this error message is based on an estimate of how full the waste ink pads are and so it’s hard to know just how full they really are, and therefore how much leeway you have.

Hi Brian: Thanks for answering… So after I install the waste bottle, I don’t need to do anything with the ink pads?

No. They just sit there, full or nearly so. All the waste ink goes into the bottle.

Actually that may not be entirely correct. I seem to recall that overspray from borderless printing also seeps into the pads. Probably also some of the ink that gets deposited on the left side of the printer as part of its cleaning routines. I don’t know it that’s enough to worry about. It seems like a fairly small amount, unless you do a lot of borderless. I’ve never seen a report from someone who did the reset, installed a bottle, and then had problems. I usually install a bottle from new.

The other option is to get the pads replaced, but my understanding is that the cost of this is prohibitively high.