Is pizzawheels an issue on matt paper


I’ve been out of the piezography game for a while, and now have two epson printers in hibernation (piezo flush). The epson 3880 and the 7880. The 7880 is a workhorse for glossy prints, and I’m looking to revive that at some point.

But I was considering to get started with matt printing as well (piezography pro). I initially experiemented with the 3880 for glossy printing, but those pizza wheels where horrible (hence the upgrade to the 7880).

My question is simply if I use the 3880 for matt printing will I have any issues with pizza wheels in your experience? (I print dark and moody in general, so lots of dark inks).

No issues with marks for matte paper at all.

There are also ways of getting around the pizza wheels entirely for glossy if your particular printer is doing this: How To Disable Star-Wheels On An Epson 3880 – J Keith Schreiber