Is my P7000 printer head dead or can it be revived?

Recently, my printer has started to have horizontal banding while making negatives. I have done all the usual head cleaning and alignment checks to no avail. Attached is a scan on my latest head alignment test and you will see massive gaps in the printing of each channel. My question is, can this be saved by doing a massive piezoflush or is this head toast? Thanks for your help

please share a nozzle check. It looks like de-lamination.


Hi Walker!
Here is the nozzle check from the P7000 … the lighter channels - LK, OR, GR and LLK - are all without breaks - checked under a magnifier - so they are all good. Also included a scan of a new head alignment made after this morning’s nozzle check – problem still exists.

I have been able to make what appears to be good piezo DNs – no banding visible, no other problems that I see visually… but what does this (holes in the) head alignment mean?
Many thanks – Meg