Is my P400 cart defective?

Today I did a nozzle check on my P400, which is using PiezoDN ink. It had been four weeks since my last nozzle check, and I fully expected the printer to need one or more head cleanings. After one head cleaning, all channels were perfect except for the Cyan channel, which was blank. I got ready to do a PiezoFlush cleaning. But when I pulled the Cyan cart, it was empty! And I mean bone dry. Four weeks ago, the printer ink levels utility showed it as half full. I think the cartridge must be leaking. Is that unusual?

Fortunately, I have a brand new Cyan cart, so I will fill it and replace the possibly-leaking (?) one.

Incidentally, Cyan has always been the most problematic (in terms of needing head cleanings, etc). Could there be something else going on there besides a problem with the cart that could cause this?

The ink level on printer and the actual ink amount don’t correlate because if the chip was reset at any point while the cart was not refilled this can happen. I assume you know this though.

If there was too much air flow this could cause ink drop through the resting pad . . .exceedingly rare but does happen.


What sort of air flow? Air entering the vent hole?