Invalid Ink Crtg Message after installing new chip -Epson9800

I have just installed a new IJM chip on my Magenta cartridge on my Epson 9800. I now get the message"Invalid Ink Crtg, Non-Genuine cartridge is installed". I was reassured that the color chips were interchangeable except for MB and PB. There were no identified Magenta chips available . I have installed a Lt Cyan chip and got this message. Are the chips interchangeable or is there some other explanation? How do I remedy the problem?

They are interchangeable. Just hit the pause button and it will let you print.


Hi Walker. . Unfortunately the cartridge chips I got are not inter changeable. They work when I put them in the nominated color cartridge but when I put them on another color cartridge the non-genuine message comes up. I functions again when I put the existing chip back. I therefore cannot get the magenta cartridge working and need a matching chip. I have tried the three new chips in the Magenta cartridge to no avail. IJM did not have a magenta chip in stock. Is there some other solution?. Regards Noel

When a non-genuine warning comes up on this printer, hitting the Pause button on the printer’s panel will bypass the warning.

Did you try this as I suggested in the previous comment?


I pressed the pause button after I got the non-genuine message and reset. I now tried tapping the pause button when the error first appeared and it worked!! Thank you so much for your help. Regards, Noel