Intial filling of cart for 1430 printer

I posted this on other forum but no response so posting here.

Ok just got my refillable carts for my brand new refurbished Epson 1430 printer. I read the instructions about just using the syringes to fill the carts but on Youtube I see they used a different technique by causing a vacuum to suck up the ink into the cart when first time filling. This video
So which is it? Does it really matter? The instructions currently here don’t show this vacuum way.

I have some time to find out as I just got the printer and iam using the Epson carts with the dye ink just to make sure the printer is ok. It appears so far perfect, no banding or anything weird going on.

Oh Iam using the cone Pigment ink with the refillable carts not dye ink.
I also was doing some reading here but it was about a Epson R3000 and they talk about vacuum filling the carts. Not sure this vacuum way is what iam supposed to do or not on the Epson 1430. I want to do it correctly from the start.

I just answered this question regarding filling procedures for the 1430 carts in your other post:

Please follow the written instructions, as they are more recent, and the video needs to be updated for the new cartridge design. The vacuum procedure demonstrated in the video will work with these carts, but isn’t necessary as it used to be with the previous model carts.

Please let me know if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Ok thanks very much