International shipping

hi had this trouble last time … can’t enter shipping … says not available for this adress. Please help me out again thanks chris

Working on it.


certainly wouldnt wanna be in a hurry … it’s just how to get the postage to show up otherwise I cant complete the order thanks chris

Please call wells at our published # for inkjetmall. He has ways.


ok I shall try … what are the opening hours of your shop?

the site does not allow me to contact customer support … seems absurd not to be able to access any proper help for this problem … if you would like to send me the shipping cost for my goods I can pay you but otherwise we don’t seem to be getting far. Is there some reason you can’t ship goods to oz? This is a few weeks now and I don’t want to run out of ink. Please see what you can do thanks cheers chris

Please call us for the order during normal business hours. We can ship to addresses that do not validate with phone orders. Let wells know the specific address and products in question and he’ll bump it to me for debugging.

In the time of your first question and now we’ve done hundreds of orders with zero address resolve errors so it’s not an issue for others. Please call us.


thank you the order has been processed successfully the only hitch being it didn’t minus the promotional code I put in … perhaps you have to put it in twice … anyhow … done cheers chris