International move with Epson 7880

Jon (et al),
I hope this isn¹t a problem for you but I need a little advice. I am
moving from Singapore and the university where I am teaching to Lisbon,
Portugal, the site of last summers solo show at the Museu do Orienté,
where I showed 80 prints made with the K7 Selenium Ink Set.All printed in
my office/studio in less than a month. Smooth and beautiful!
The question is, do I take the Epson 7880 to Portugal with me? I have been
using it for the last 6 years. It is a workhorse and still runs like a
champ but it is six years old and has done a lot of work. I also am
getting interested in digital negative to silver print work and am
thinking about a printer that would allow me to keep an inkjet to paper
workflow along with the digital negative potential.
I know this is a subjective issue but your insight would be very helpful.
Thanks and a happy Chinese New Year to all,

I’m slowly diving into a backlog of un-replied questions. Hopefully my reply will be useful for someone happening upon this thread in the future.


Yes! It’s always worth it to have a good working 7880 around. The last forever and are much more valuable than the newer x900 printers which don’t last.