Interesting 4880 Cartridge Issue

I use my 4880 just for GO on color. I keep Piezoflush in the 7 carts not using GO. These carts were getting low, so time for a refill. After doing so, 5 of 8 carts were not recognized, including the GO cart which was not touched. Having one spare chip for the gO cart, I decided to replace chip, still baffled why the GO cart was not recognized. Since I was an Electrical Engineer in a former life, I decided to dehumidify my studio, as its humidity became low.

After re-inserting the GO cart, I turned on the 4880 an voila, all carts are now recognized. Since removing carts on the 4800 involves moving leavers up and down, I think that these lever movements (as well as those in the subsequent Power Clean), may have caused a static charge build up on some, but not all of the carts.

Another reason to keep studio humidity high.

PS I made a big mistake in fill all the carts at once. Next time, I will fill one, check, fill another, check, fill another, check…

Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts John, this is very interesting! I have often wondered why some customers experience frequent chip issues, and we have six 7880/9880 printers in our studio, that have been using the same refill carts for the past 5+ years with excellent results- but we carefully maintain proper temp and humidity levels in the studio, so you may be onto something with your low humidity/static thought!

After filling the carts, did you reset the chips, before reinstalling into your printer? If so, did the resetter light flash red a few times, then turn solid green or solid red?
Do you remember what the exact error displayed on the printer’s LCD screen was?

Thanks~ Dana

I cannot remember the exact error, maybe “Replace Ink Cartridge” even after all were reset. My clue was seeing that error for the GO cartridge, which was not removed.

Thanks John.