Installing new cart sensors in a 4880 printer

I am working on an Epson 4880. Replacing the inkcart sensors. I have purchased from Compass Micro the inkcart sensors. I have removed the ink bay from the machine, but now cant figure out how to release the old sensors and insert the new ones.Cannot find any written or videos that show how to do this. Anyone have any ideas or video of how this part is done

Unscrew the white plastic lever section on top.
Then go around to the back/top and unscrew what you need to.

You need to be able to take out each ink-bay wall (black plastic) to get at the sensor unit itself.


I am there, but how do you release the old sensor? Must need some kind of forked tool or something similar.

A small pin can be inserted into the lock slot on either side where the sensor slides in. Press the lock in with the pin and it will stay there long enough to do the same thing on the other side. Then the sensor will slide out.


thanks will try that