Installing Epson software on a second computer

EDIT: Never mind.

I have been printing happily on my Epson P400 from a Windows PC for over a year. Now, I want to be able to print from a Windows laptop, so I need to install the printer driver. I understand that it is advisable to download only the driver from Epson, not the combo package (which includes the dreaded firmware updater). However, toward the end of the driver installation, the installer informs you that it is about to check for firmware updates and install them. This happens even if you have downloaded the driver only. This dialog has a Cancel button. I assume the correct thing to at this point do is to Cancel. I also assume that nothing will be left undone insofar as the driver installation is concerned.

I haven’t actually done anything yet on the laptop. I’m just reviewing my notes from the PC installation. Back then, I accepted the firmware updates.