Installing curves on a MAC

I’m not new to Piezography and QTR but I am new to MAC and I’m, simply trying to figure out how to install the Piezography curves. I think I’ve followed the instructions carefully, but I find the MAC installation procedure to be far from intuitive. In all sequences of events I end up simply reinstalling the original QTR k7 curves and not the curves packaged with the Piezography community edition. This is the sequence of steps I have tried.
1 installed the k7 printer using the QTR install script command
2 installed the Piezography community edition dmg file that places the curves in the “/printerX- K7” subfolder of application/ Piezography/curves.
3 Executed the Piezography – “installprinterX-K7. command”
4 Re-executed the QTR install k7printer.command
5 Copy/pasted the Piezography curves into the QTR/profiles/PinterX-K7 folder
6 Re-executed the Piezography – “installprinterX-K7.command”
7 Re-executed the QTR install k7printer.command
8 Installed print tool
9 Re-executed the Piezography – “installprinterX-K7.command”
10 Re-executed the QTR install k7printer.command
11 Gave up

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

Follow these instructions to delete old curves that may have been installed into the system (from the QuadtoneRIP folder).


Hello Walker ,

Thanks for your response. The new information you sent me contained the solution but not quite in the right place.

I had pasted the piezography curves to the /Applications/Piezography/Curves/(Your Printer Model) as indicated. In the to DELETE QTR curves section the instructions make reference to a second location Library/Printers/QTR/Quadtone/ (Your Printer Model). Pasting the curves to this location permitted the install command to install the curves into QTR.

I have second question if I can ask it here, Have I understood the literature correctly, I cannot use these curves to print with on a MAC without purchasing “print tool”.

Thanks for your help

Best regards