Installed all new cartridges, Yellow prints very faint

I recently installed all new cartridges and all of my other colors seems to print out correctly when doing a nozzle check except the yellow, it’s barely visible. When I print a picture you can tell barely any yellow is coming out, the prints are all super cool, even when I add a ridiculous amount of warmth before printing. What could be causing this? I am performed several head cleanings as well. I am on an EPSON Artisan 1430.

Hmm . . this is a new one on me. Normally if there is a restriction in the flow you will see a full nozzle outage (or several nozzles out) and not just faint lines.

I suggest taking the fill plug out (temporarily) and doing a single cleaning and see if this fixes it. Sometime if ink gets into the air inlet this can restrict flow.


Thanks for the reply. I tried that and am still getting the same result, very faint yellow lines in the nozzle check.