Install curves for P2 Selenium with HD MK and PK

install curves for P2 Selenium with HD MK and PK

i have installed QTR 2.7.7 using the install-quad-2.7.7pkg on a mac running os 10.11.6. I then installed the Community edition, followed the Professional editions. I can see that I have the non HD P2 curves installed in the curves folders. I have tried to install the HD Curves from the Selenium folder using the Install3800-P2SEL.command with the message -

ALERT! **** Printer Description File (PPD) not found for printer Piezography
First try re-installing QTR via the Install-QTR-###.pkg file

I reinstalled QTR and re-ran Install3800-P2SEL.command and got the same result.

Please help me to installing the P2 SEL HD PK and MK curves.

This is probably a permission issue or a placement issue. Make sure you are running the install command from >Applications>Piezography>Curves>3800-3880-P2 and not any other folder.

Also re-install quadtoneRIP before dong that.

If same problem, put the 3800-3880-P2 folder inside of >Applications>QuadtoneRIP>Profiles> and run the installer again.


thank you. I will try this!

this did the trick - I had to put the install command into the QuadtoneRIP>Profiles folder along with all of the P2-SEL-##HD-##.quad files and then it ran just fine and the HD curves installed.

Thank you for your help!