InkTrift Inks not printing

I just installed and tested inkthrift inks in my Epson 2880.

When I print nozzle checks I get either no print at all or I get sporadic light prints with lots of line breaks.

I have followed the troubleshoot suggestions that came with the inks (head cleaning, tapping the cartridges, and waiting 15 minuets) to no avail.


Please check to make sure the plugs are removed from all the cartridge air vent holes for proper ink flow.

What inks did you have installed in this printer prior to installing the set of refill carts and InkThrift ink? Did you print a perfect nozzle check with the previously installed ink, prior to installing the set of refill carts?

Please let me know so I can help you resolve this issue, thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

Yes all plugs are removed, I installed official epson inks, yes to the perfrect nozzle check.

Thanks for the additional information. How many cleaning cycles did you do after installing the set of refill carts? Are you getting the same results today as you were getting last week when you wrote the original message?
What color position(s) are not fully printing on your nozzle check? It would be very helpful if you could please remove a cartridge that is not printing correctly, and send me a photo showing the side (unlabeled side) and top to see.

Please let me know so I can help.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: