Inkthrift Claria and XP-850

I just want to confirm that I can use your Inkthrift Claria in an XP-850. I see that you are normally using Inkthrift Claria as an economy replacement ink in printers such as the Artisan line. I assume that if I have a refillable cartridge for the XP-850, I can use the Inkthrift Claria.


I’m slowly diving into a backlog of un-replied questions. Hopefully my reply will be useful for someone happening upon this thread in the future.


Yes you can use it in that model.


Thanks Walker,

I’m slowly diving back into photography after a couple of very trying years. Life is still getting in the way, so I started a photography club at my school to keep my motivation.

At this time, I’m getting rather disappointed with the XP-850. It seems to drink ink, and it’s prone to clogged nozzles. I got it for $25 as a refurb, so it has been worth it. Now time to retire it I think.