InkThrift cartridges don't stay in place in Artisan 800



When I just replaced the LC cartridge in my Artisan 800, the C cartridge will not stay seated. I also find that the Y and new LC very easily pop up. If I can seat one, say Y, then it pops out of place when I try to seat the LC. Nothing holds the C cartridge in place. None of the InkThrift carts lock as firmly in place as the OEM carts do. Right now my Artisan 800 is unusable. Please advise ASAP!

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Hi ausdlk~

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Wells forwarded me your email from yesterday, which I copied/pasted below to add more info to this thread:

[I]“The LC cartridge has 995 on the top of the key[/I][I]Yes, I bought the keys and ink from Amazon some time ago. As far as I can tell, the ink capsules and keys are attached properly, There is no visible space about any of the edges. However, the resulting width of the key/capsule does appear to be slightly wider than the OEM cartridge that it replaces. [/I]
[I]The printer was working fine up until yesterday with two OEM carts and four of the InkThrift carts with the exception that it had been continually warning me that the head needed to be cleaned. I had a low LC cart and avoided the cleaning cycle until the printer called for the LC cart to be replaced. [/I]
[I]It did call for the replacement yesterday. The printer temporarily seemed to accept all six carts (one OEM, five IT) but a nozzle check showed an impossible result in the C channel and when I reopened the printer, the C cart was loose and it would not reseat. Then Y and LC carts also fail to reseat.[/I]
[I]As I wrote, none of the IT carts “click” as firmly into place as the OEM carts – even the two carts (BK, M) that do remain seated.”[/I]

After speaking with Wells this morning, he told me he sent you a new set of keys yesterday, so please let me know your results with the new keys.

Thanks and best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: