Inkset change to Pro

Ì’m transferring a K7 ink set to Piezography Pro. I have just installed the curves and am ready to clean the cartridges. I am wondering about the compatibility of the two ink sets with respect to the rigour needed in cleaning the cartridges. The cartridges in question are : Shade #6 to Cool:light, Gloss Optimizer to Gloss Chroma Optimizer, Shade #2 to Cool: dark, Shade #4 to Warm :dark, Shade #3 to Cool; medium, Shade #5 to Warm; medium and shade #7 to Warm :light. Is flushing absolutely required? Beyond the imperfections in tonal response is there a contamination danger?

Also I am not seeing any master curves in the Pro set for my printer. Does this mean if there is no standard curve for my paper I am obliged to either buy one from Ink Jet Mall or download the version 2 software and make a custom curve?

Thank you

Flush with distilled best you can (except the GO to GCO is fine).

Be fairly rigorous but your chose for shade to shade is good.


Thank you for you answer. By “Flush with distilled” do you mean, after emptying the cartridges I need only to rinse with distilled water? Or do you mean rinse with distilled water then fill with flush and purge the cartridge and printer lines?


Empty carts,
Clean carts with distilled.
Fill with new ink.
Purge printer to new ink.

Hello Walker,
I finally got the time to do this and its not as simple as it sounds. I don’t seem to be able to find detailed instructions on how to empty and rince cartridges. I found postings on forum with instructions to “suck” the ink out, inject distilled water and suck the distilled water out. SInce the syringe cant get to the bottom of the ink cartridge through the fill hole because of the plastic ridges inside I assumed that this meant drawing the ink and distilled water out through the priming valve. This may have been a serious error because after drawing out some of the distilled water this way, it stopped drawing before the cartridge was empty. Now there are a few ml of distilled water trapped inside the cartridge. A lot of the distilled water comes out simply by inverting the cartridge and shaking it , but the remaining water will not come out any way. I have tried drawing the water with the fill hole both plugged and unplugged

Did I screw up? Is this cartridge ruined ? and…

Are the K7 inks and the Piezography Pro inks so incompatible that even a few drops will contaminate the ink? I remember when i first set up the printer I ran the K7 kit through the printer until there was no more colour and those were Epson inks. I’m thinking it would be so much easier just to empty the cartridges as best I can then fill them with the new ink and let it run out in time.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you