Inkjetmall cart not recognized

Hi - my Epson 3880’s LLK (in the Inkjetmall cart, using the chip from an original epson) is suddenly not recognized by the printer. I swapped out the chip back into the original Epson and that’s recognized, so I think the issue is with the Inkjetmall cart. Is there a process for checking this out + replacing if defective? I just put this cart in - it read for one print before the printer stopped recognizing it.

Hi - following up here. Any advice on tackling this cart issue?

sorry for no reply, I’ll PM you with details for the RMA.


Hi - just received the replacement cartridge in the mail and the same thing is happening. The existing Epson chip works with the empty Epson cartridge (the printer recognizes it), whereas when I put the chip into the Inkjetmall cartridge, I get the “No Ink Cartridge” error again. Is there something I can check out on the printer itself? Or anything else I can do to troubleshoot?

Let me get this right, you placed the Epson cartridge in there and ALL the carts read ok and the printer is able to print?

If you push the IJM cart in slightly farther (just a millimeter) does the printer read it?


Hello IJM! Customer number C27024 here. I have had great success with IJM refillable for my 3880. Until I got to VLM cart. When IJM cart installed with OEM Epson VLM chip I get the dreaded “Ink Cartridge Error-Install correct ink cartridge”. I ran two OEM Epson VLM carts through printer to verify function. Right now I have a brand new Epson VLM cart in the printer so I am up and running but I would like a new IJM VLM control chip please. Other than this one problem I am loving my IJM! Please advise, Keith