Inkjet Plumber Oddity

I’ve been using Inkjet Plumber for a few years now and have recently run across something I have not seen. Each time I kick off a job (on a 3880 or P800) the printer (which has MK loaded) wants to switch to PK. On the P800, I have it set to ask before switching. On the 3880, it just switches. Has anyone else seen this with the current version of the utility; v 0.9.11. I’m trying to work back through my combinations of OS version, printer drivers, and the utility but can’t seem to sort it out.

Anybody else seen anything similar? Am I missing something obvious?


hmm . . . there is something in your print settings saved (media type possible) that is sending the PK selector command to there printer.


Walker, that’s exactly where I have been snooping around but am still scratching my head. Inkjet Plumber doesn’t show access to the media type so I’m assuming it is using the last used media type. After printing from Print-Tool with MK, I confirmed those media settings and then kicked off an Inkjet Plumber job. Same result and it triggered an MK->PK change.

I’ll keep snooping around.