Inkjet mall cartridges

Hi, I’m having a big problem with the inkjet mall cartridges. They don’t fit right. I noticed they are approximately 1/8" off from the original Epson cartridge. I’ve tried numerous techniques, i.e., tape on bottom, plastic supports, wedges, etc. and I’m still getting air in my lines. To me that signifies the cartridges aren’t seating right. The only way to move the air seems to be power cleaning the system. This can’t be good for the printer. If someone can help, please do so. If Inkjet mall cartridges are now made to size, we’d be happy to buy them again. Thanks.

You are getting air in the lines even though the cartridges are primed?

Please send a photo of the difference if you can so I can get this back to our moulding factory.

Warm regards

Hi Walker,
Yes, the cartridges are primed. We really appreciate your help. When you ask for us to send a photo of the differences, are you referring to the cartridges, i.e., inkjet mall vs epson? Again, thank you. Lilla

Yes IJM v Epson


Here are the pics. Let me know what you think. Best, Lilla

I’m sorry, do you mind sending these directly to

This ensures delivery of large files


ok, I just set them to your email directly. Thanks. Lilla