Ink thrift pro and storage

I HAVE A 4900 WHICH HAD CLOGGED HEADS. I got your flshing fluid, which cleared them, but I used most of it up, and some of the cartrdges are empty. I could pull some out of one cartridge which is fuller that the others and shift it to the empty ones.

BUT, I am switching to the ink thrift pro inks.
On your page, you say that it can be used as a flush. (because of the cost) …

I do not use the printer much, can I leave the ink thrift pro in it while it is not used for a few weeks, or do I need to buy more flushing fluid?

I do have 2 sets of cartridges, well almost 2 sets, I messed one up recently.


If it’s only for 2 weeks, then it’s ok to leave the Inkthrift in it. If it’s anything more then 4 weeks, I would say put the flush in to be safe.

Thanks. I will do that, or at least run test prints, when I get it working.