Ink Thrift CL Locked Room Mystery

I was an early adopter of the Ink Thrift keys and capsules system when it was released for my 1400 printer.
I originally bought a few sets of spare prefilled capsules, I think from Amazon, but soon after I bought bulk ink and started refilling.
These prefilled capsules ended up not being used and were forgotten since then.

I just found them and they are still sealed in the original mylar (?) bags but most of the ink is gone from the capsules. There is no leaking, the capsules are sealed tight and clean but there is only about 1/4 to 1/2 of the ink remaining.

Where did the ink go?

I really am curious how ink could evaporate in a sealed bag. Any opinions?

Something here is defying physics . . . .

Sorry for the interlude. I was out of town.

Hopefully someone at Cone will take this seriously. If the ink is evaporating in a sealed environment can this also happen to the bottles of bulk ink I purchased?

This is truly astounding. Thank you for the images (proof!).

I’m going to go back and research this.


Have you found out anything more on the cause of the disappearing ink?


We have not. I’ve looked through all our capsules that we have here and they are full (even from the load of carts from our R&D lab that were hanging out for a long time.)


I have 8 capsules here, all sealed in their original bags, of three different colors, that show ink evaporation. Most are now half full or less.

I would send them back to you but it’s not worth the postage and I sense that nobody else really cares.