Ink switch from K7 to P2 system



I am changing my 7880 to the P2 system. I need to move the PK cart to the “yellow” position on the printer. Do I need to install the Epson “yellow” chip onto the PK ink cart or simply move the carts into the correct positions?:smiley:


You will need to rechip the cartridges.

The cartridges can fit into any slot but they will only be recognized by the printer if they have the correct chip for that slot position (yellow chip for yellow slot).


So yellow chip for yellow, I get that. I did buy the matte cart from you about a month ago that came chipped. I do not need to re-chip that one correct? Seeing how it is going into the MK/PK position on the printer correct? No there carts have moved so nothing to do there. And THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile:


Are there more curves available for P2? Having just had a look, there isn’t one for EEM, IGFS or the Innova papers.


This is the link to the P2 curves, scroll to the bottom of the article and download the P2 curve library


That is why I asked if there were others. It’s a tiny list missing most of the normal suspects.


What “normal suspects” are you looking for?


Innova Smooth Cotton and Fibaprint Matte, IGFS and EEM would be good. I have found that the Innova works well as a starting point on odd papers and Roy’s droplet tidies it up nicely.