Ink Starvation - Change of Ink Selector Unit (Dampers) - Epson 9900

Hi there,

I have realized my Epson 9900 is having a problem of ink starvation, producing micro-banding. IThis banding disappears when I use a Drying time of 5 or 6 seconds (Custom paper). I assume this is due to the dampers being partially clogged, is this correct?

Would this problem disappear if I change the dampers? or should something else be done?
As I said before, when I use a drying time of 6 seconds, the results are good and no banding appears on the negatives. I have thought of using it just like that, since I can wait a bit longer for the negs to print… but I do now know whether changing the dampers is recommended anyway, and whether something else is needed besides that?

I intend to change the dampers myself this time, after really bad experiences with technicians. I have seen it be done a few times, and the Service Manual is quite clear. One question though: I am not going to drain the carts (last times we did not do either): When I change the ink selector unit and re-assemble the whole thing, do I need to make an init fill or just a cleaning to get rid of air that might have entered in the tube lines? As this air will be very close to the head itself, I assume that just a Normal Cleaning might be enough? Is it ok to do this with carts that are at 25% of their capacity? I would not like to fill them up with fresk ink until I know that the printer will be working right with the new Ink Selector Unit.

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