Ink splattering across print on a 7900

I recently purchased a lightly used 7900 which recently started throwing out big splatters of light cyan ink. It seems like the ink is leaking out of the print head though I can’t tell if it’s a print head issue, or possibly something wrong a with the dampers, or something else? I’m hoping that this is something that can be resolved without a head replacement.

I’ve replaced the wiper blade and cleaned the capping station.

Attached is a picture exemplifying the issue.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Most likely you have a LOT of gunk on the head, cleaning pad, flush box, etc. time to take the right side cover off and do a big cleaning.

Hi Walker,

This is looking more like a plumbing issue to me.

I’ve done a very thorough cleaning of head with Piezo on paper towel, cleaning pad, and flush box. When I moved the head assembly to the side, per proper instructions, and was working on cleaning the cleaning pad and flush box there was lot of LC ink dripping down the cleaning pad assembly especially. When I moved the head to position head for cleaning with Piezo/paper towel, after having worked on the flush box. cleaning pad area cleaning, there was a bunch (I’d estimate several mLs) of LC ink that had run out of the head assembly down onto the paper feed area, with it even starting to drip out of the bottom of the printer. YIKES!

I decided to check the amount of ink in the LC cart, which the printer showed to be >80’% full, but found that the cart was actually near empty.

Prints are good quality until it starts throwing the CL ink everywhere, so I’m thinking the print head is functioning OK.

What do think the issue is? Hose that has come loose in the damper assembly? Cracks or damage to head or dampers? FYI I did move the printer via a car trip before this issue started.

Any help would be appreciated as I essentially have non-functional printer at this point.



You have leaking damper!

Time to replace the “ink selector unit”