Ink 'Shelf Life', once installed

With my R2880 recently having bit the dust, I am considering either a P600 or P800 as a replacement. I understand the Cone inks are not yet available for these, but hopeful they are on the way.

The P800 is probably overkill for me, as I won’t print that much… however, it is a very good value with the rebate and the volume of ink included. My only concern is that I don’t print that much, and it may take me a year or two to use up the ink. I understand the predecessor 3880 was good for not having many clogs when not printing every week, and am hopeful the P800 is similar (which, according to Epson, should be).

If, for instance, I don’t use up the original carts for 2 years (but with regular nozzle checks, shaking of the cartridges before printing, etc), am I ‘at risk’ for either clogging the head or the ‘expired’ and open inks losing some of their properties? I know IJM says the practical life of their inks is measured in year, and am hoping to hear that as long as I shake the cartridges and run a regular nozzle check, that I should be fine going 2 years on the original Surecolor/Epson UltraChrome HD cartridges.

Does anyone know if the epson warranty covers clogged heads?

Thanks in advance!

On a support forum for a supplier of alternative inksets (Piezography, CCP), you’re asking about the performance of OEM inks?

I suggest you research the Luminous Landscape Printers, Papers and Inks forum where this topic has been discussed quite a lot over the years, at least in relation to the 3880.

Yeah, I thought about that before posting, but if I already bought a set of ConeColor inks (and they’re not available for the new printers), then clearly I’m interested in supporting your product :slight_smile: However, if the printer clogs before I use up the original ink, and I go to mail order prints, that doesn’t necessarily help IJM! I figured you guys would know as well as anyone. Thanks for the recommendation!

On that topic, can you answer the same question with respect to the current ConeColor K3 Vivid inks?

I’m sure the carts and inks will WORK. They don’t have end of life issues like alkaline batteries do. The issue becomes will they provide acceptable results? And of course, that depends on YOUR definition of acceptable.

Epson says six months for best use. However, you go two years without using up a six month supply - you are already out of warranty. So this question is really self-answering.

If you are not going to use up ink in the recommended time - then you really should install flushing cartridges to do both you and the printer a favor.