Ink resets itself

I am using inkthrift keys with capsules. I was low on black and yellow as indicated by epson status monitor. My printer suddenly reset the two cartridge indicators to full although I did not change the capsules. Am I out of those colors? Any who can help. Thanks


Hi Marty,

  1. When the printer indicated the two positions were low - did it also light up the red light on the printer indicating that?

  2. Did you remove the two positions from the printer?

not sure did not notice. I was going to change thee capsules after 1 more print



I understand. Sometimes these actions are so automatic that it is easy to forget.

How the chips work is that when and only when the Epson Status monitor indicates they are low and the red light as lit - the key can be removed. But when it is reinserted into the printer, the chip resets. At all other times removing the key does not reset the chip.

You will notice that there is some small amount of ink remaining in the capsule after Epson indicates it is empty. Epson allows 15-20% of the ink to remain in their “empty” cartridges so as not to allow harm to the printer. We will do the same.

At this point your chip is counting down from 100% full but you have not replaced the capsule. Go ahead and replace the capsule.

In the future if you wish to refill capsules prior to their being read as empty you can buy an optional chip resetter and take responsibility for resetting the chips yourself.

Make sense?

Do you dell a chip resetter for the Epson 1400 and 1430

Yes, here:

I am having a lot of problems of ink resetting themselves to full prior to changing the capsules . I did prematurely change two capsules ( black and yellow) I am now in a position of several others resetting without me touching them. I am aware of your earlier answer so How can I start from scratch even if I have to waste a capsule. I will in the future only change when status indicator states empty. May I hear from you asap. I also feel that the capsul keys don’t send an empty signal to, the status monitor I have never seen the red light indicating no ink even when the cartridges reset themselvesto full when they are nearly empty.

Thanks inewton5

Hi Marty~

I apologize for not responding sooner, I was out sick on Friday, and have been working to catch up from that.

I did some testing with our keys and capsules in one of our 1430 printers, printing pure sheets of color to run down the cart quickly, and see the ink level of a cart was very low, maybe around 10% when the ink out light illuminated and computer told me the cart couldn’t be recognized. I removed and reinserted the key/capsule (normally, you would refill the capsule, or install a fresh/full one), and it was immediately recognized by the printer, the ink out lift turned off, and ink level reset to full. I then removed and reinserted other keys/capsules that were reading 1/4-1/2 ink remaining, and the ink levels were not reset.

If the ink level was very low/almost empty when you removed the key/capsule, then this may have caused the chip to reset. To get back to correct ink level readings, I recommend using a chip resetter to manually reset the chips when new/full capsules are installed.

I hope this helps. Please let me low if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

I did purchase a chip resetter from you but not sure how to use it. It came with two pieces of plastic. Any videos or instuction sheet none came with the gadget. Hold everything I just found the instructions on your site.


Marty inewton5

Instructions for the resetter can be found here:
or on the instruction tab of the product page: