Ink placement for Selenium P2 on Epson 4800 - have I been sent the wrong inks?

For the 8 channel P2/PiezoDN setup, MK goes in the Black position, and PK goes in the Yellow position. The HD blacks are a new option, though the positions are the same.

As for the labeling, I agree it is a bit confusing, but the blacks are the same for all the K7/K6 inksets, regardless of tone. Just be sure you know which is Matte and which is Photo. I’m using the K7-Carbon inkset, and my blacks are labeled the same as yours:

  • Matte Black is Neutral Shade 1, and goes in the Black position.
  • Photo Black is Warm-Neutral Shade 1, and goes in the Yellow position.

Hi, in need of some assistance please

I have an Epson 4800 and ordered the following products: Piezography2 / PiezoDN, Selenium tone, 220ml, Set 8 (matte & glossy) and the cartridge set.

In front of me I have 8 bottles: neutral shade 1, warm neutral shade 1, selenium shade 2, selenium shade 3, selenium shade 4, selenium shade 5, selenium shade 6 and GO

The instruction sheet that came with the inks is telling me to fill Black with shade #1 - ok I have two #1’s and neither of them are Selenium (neutral and warm neutral)

The filling instructions on this page are telling me something completely different (Install procedures for Epson® Pro 4800, 4880 printer | Piezography). That I need to fill black with UltraHD Matte Black and Yellow with HD Photo Black, neither of which I have here.

So, for Piezography2 / PiezoDN with Selenium tone on an Epson 4800 - what are the correct filling positions? Have I been sent the wrong inks here?


Thank you jkschreiber! I’ve read through a fair amount of documentation and didn’t see that anywhere but I suppose it makes sense since the Warm-Neutral Shade bottle also says ‘opaque photo black’ on it. Some clearer labelling or a mention on the instruction sheet wouldn’t go amiss though

Thanks again

Um, Brian, did you mean to post that in a different thread? We’re talking about a 4800 here. No MK in PK cart. No hi-gloss printer.


Oh my goodness gracious me. How embarrassing!! Not sure how that happened. Actually I do. It shows the dangers of replying to posts when still badly jet-lagged from a set of trans-Pacific flights. Post deleted. Sorry Keith

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