Ink not flowing out of cartridges

Good morning. I’ve recently purchased three refillable cartridges and have installed them onto my Epson 9600 printer. I am only getting ink flow from one of the three cartridges (light black) neither the photo black nor the light magenta are flowing ink. When I replace your two nonworking cartridges with Epson OEM all works fine. Is it possible the cartridges are clogged?

Thank you.

Hi Nick~

Please check to make sure the air vent plugs are removed, and exit channels are primed with ink on all your refill carts for proper ink flow.

Let me know what you discover after checking the carts, if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best~ Dana :slight_smile:

Dana of the 3 refillable carts I’ve purchased recently from IJM it appears only the light black is flowing ink to the machines (I’ve installed the carts in both my epson 9600 and 4000) neither the light magenta or photo black flow ink to either machine. Can you please advise what to do?

Thank you.

Hi Nick~

Are the air vent holes open on all 3 carts?
When you primed the carts, did ink easily flow up the exit channel?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

Correct, the vent holes are uncapped. Exit channel is fully primed. I did remove them and re-install and now success all appears to be working fine. No idea what was wrong. In fact I’m so satisfied at this point I placed another order yesterday. Thank you.

That is strange, but I’m glad everything seems to be working well now.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana