Ink line ran out of ink while changing to UHDMK on 4880

While changing to UHDMK in a new cart on a 4880, I ran about seven pages of the black flush image from calibration mode and the last page only partially printed. I am assuming that the cart did not fully prime and the residual ink in the regular MK line ran out without bringing any of the new ink in. I removed the cart and re-primed it, withdrawing about 10ml into the syringe. What would be a logical next step? Power clean? I was trying to avoid wasting a lot of the other inks.

I got lucky on this. Ran one simple head cleaning and got a good nozzle check. Then ran one more black flush image and all seems good.

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I ended up having to do this again. So now I think the problem was a couple of bubbles, not an empty ink line.

That happens during full ink transitions. . .