Ink leaking back into cart - 9800

I have PiezoPro inks loaded in an 9800. Have noticed that I am getting some ink traveling ‘backwards’ into the carts. Pulled out my Gloss Optimizer cart to check the level and I noticed that the ‘ink outlet’ of the cart (the part of the cart that would receive the syringe when priming) has been stained by black ink. If I look into the ink bay of my 9800 I can see the valve nozzle has black ink on it.

What is causing ink to travel backwards? Would that be the spring loaded valve at the back of the ink bay is not closing properly?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I never use the GO - that machine only prints matte - ?

Another, related, question…where do I get the orings that sit on the air pressure valve on the carts? They used to be listed as available on the InkJetMall site but no longer see them? That machine often has a ‘pump/pressure’ sound that kicks in during printing. Not able to confirm exactly if it is the air pressure pump kicking into overdrive - but what are other’s experience with the pressure system on a 9800? Do orings help?

This is probably and issue with the pressure in the ink-bay. Over-pressure can cause this.

Possibly. . .

The carts that we sell now do not need the o-rings (the inlet pressure prongs are much wider). The pressure sound is normal on this printer.


Hi Walker
Thanks for this
Any ideas to cause or solution to over-pressure in ink-bay?