Ink Keeps Running Out Before R3000 recognizes the cart is supposed to be empty



So, I’ve been using your inks for a few months now, substituting in your cartridges one at a time as I finish off my residual stock of OEM inks. So far, I’ve really been liking the inks. But the cartridges have been giving me some trouble.

For one, I’ve been bitten by the battery running out on one cartridge in less than a year. Your tech support was cool enough to send me a replacement, but yes, if you can crack that nut of coming up with a way that the batteries don’t start discharging before we get the cartridges, that would be great. I tried replacing the battery and despite your tutorial pages, I did not have success so it looks like when the batteries die, I’ll probably need to buy new chips. :confused:

But the real problem is that for your cartridges the ink keeps running out before my R3000 thinks it should. In fact, even though the colored bar will get very low in the R3000 display as I use your cartridges, it doesn’t even give me the warning symbol before the cartridge is completely dry. If I don’t manually check (which, of course, I’ll have to now), the first sign of trouble is when my prints start to look off because the color is completely exhausted. And then I need to do 5 or 6 head cleanings to get new ink charged back into the R3000.

When I fill the completely empty cartridges, I use the “vacuum method” you show in your video. I fill the syringe to 35-40 ml and give it three or four vacuum pulls to make sure almost all the ink in the syringe gets into the cartridge. In between pulls, I tap on the cartridge to release air bubbles. And when I’m done, I hold it up to the light and the cartridge looks completely full. And yet, this keeps happening and with different cartridges.

Other than seeing that the ink is full to the top, should I be doing anything else to check that it’s full? I never have this problem with the OEM cartridges. Anything I should be doing differently? Is this a problem other users have had?

Any help with this would be appreciated. When I’m doing a lot of prints, I’d like to be able to trust what the R3000 display is telling me.




Hi Alex~

The cartridge manufacturer has actually just changed to using chips without batteries that auto reset when read empty, which will be good to eliminate the dying battery issue, but also eliminate the ability to manually reset chips (which I like to do when refilling carts before the printer sees them as empty). We will have these new ships shortly.

In my experience, when a battery dies, replacing it makes the chip work again, but occasionally chips can go bad or wear out over time (though this isn’t common).
It sounds like you’re correctly refilling carts. I know the battery model chips can occasionally reset themselves, which we’ve tried figuring out and worked with the manufacturer, but couldn’t determine how/why it happens, since it seems random. Due to the issue of chips occasionally resetting themselves, which can cause carts to run empty without the user knowing the cart is empty, and get air in the ink lines, we recommend manually checking the ink levels by removing carts and visually checking carts, comparing to the status monitor readings, and refilling any carts that are low before beginning a printing session.

I hope this helps.
Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana