Ink flow Problem when running Nozzle Check with Cyan, Black, Yellow

The Cyan is the worst it does not print any ink all, until I remove the rubber plug in the rear of cartridge and it is better but still spotty when I run Nozzle check. The other colors (Black and Yellow) they print OK in viewing the Nozzle Check print out. The Black has a couple of white spot not fill in. The Yellow has few more white spots. Also, I ran a full maintenance check (two time) with no success.

Hi Robert~

I reviewed your order history and see you have purchased refillable carts for a 7800/9800 and 3800 printers. Which printer/refill cartridge system is your question concerning?

I am sorry it is 7800

The 7800 uses pressurized cartridges, so you would NOT want to remove the fill hole plug from the cartridge (or else the printer can’t pressurize the cart, no ink will print and the printer will display a pressurization error). Please keep the fill holes tightly sealed with all the refillable carts.
Did you prime the refillable cartridge exit chambers as per our instructions, before installing the carts into your printer?
What is the ink level in your cartridges, primarily the Cyan cart that you’re having trouble with not printing.
What ink were you previously using in this 7800 printer?
Did you print a good nozzle check with the previously installed inks, before installing the refillable carts and ConeColor Pro inks?
After installing the refillable carts into your 7800, did you do any cleaning cycles? If so, regular or power, and about how many have you done?
Do you have the full set of refill carts installed, o a mix or refill and other (Epson?) carts/inks?
Have you cleaned the printer’s capping station, wiper blade, flushing box and/or bottom of the print head?

Please answer all my questions so I can help you resolve this issue and get back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

  1. In Regards to 7800 - In the first installation I had the rubber plug in the rear of the refill cartridge as mention in the video, but no ink would flow to print in the Nozzle check. Once I took the Rubber out it began to print but not Great.
  2. Yes, I prime the refill cartridge exit Chamber as per your instruction.
  3. I used the ink bottle that I had order with the refill cartridge. I empty the Bottle.
  4. I was using the Epson cartridge 110.
  5. I had no problem with the Epson ink cartridge at any time. I ran a Nozzle check often.
  6. Yes, I did. I ran the maintenance (3 Power) also ran a nozzle check.
    7 I have a Mix cartridge. I replace the empty Epson cartridge with 6 from your company all at the same time. Their are only 2 Epson cartridge left in the 7800 (Light Magenta , Light Cyan and they are 3/4 full at this time.)
  7. No, I have not cleaned the printer’s capping station, wiper blade, flushing box and/or bottom of the print head. You will need to send me the instructions on how to.
  8. Note: I had more problem with the Cyan cartridge during the first installation it would not print any ink and then I called Wells and he decided to send me new chip to replace the one on the refill cartridge. I did replace chip but got the same results. I did a nozzle check The Cyan was not printing also The Yellow and Black had some white spot as well.

Hi Robert~

Thanks for the additional information.

  1. This doesn’t make any sense at all- the cartridge model you have could not pressurize without the fill hole plug installed… Can you please send me a photo of two showing this cartridge- both the front exit channel and rear fill ends for me to see?

  2. You can find information about cleaning and maintaining your printer in the Articles> Product Manuals and Instructions section of this forum.

  3. The problem you’re having is NO ink will print from the cyan refillable cartridge, but you are not getting any errors on the printer’s LCD panel? If this is the case, then your problem is not related to the chip, so replacing the chip will not effect the problem. Please tell me, when you primed this cyan refill cartridge, did ink easily flow thru the exit channel (like the other five refill carts you filled, primed and installed)- or did you experience resistance or no ink flowing thru the cyan cartridge exit channel?

Please let me know, thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Robert~ I’m checking in because I haven’t heard back from you and wondering if you’re happily printing or still need help?

Please let me know, thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, the ink easily flow thru the exit channel (like the other five refill carts you filled, primed and installed)- no resistance or no ink flowing thru the cyan cartridge exit channel.
  2. I printed the cleaning instructions off your web site. I will read the instruction and clean the the 7800 over the weekend and I will let you know on Monday if it did or did not inprove the printing on all of your cartridges.

Hi, Dana, I downloaded the instructions that was posted on the your web Page and I read the instruction then went thorough the steps that was required of me and the results were the same(Note: I removed the Cyan Cart. and used a small plastic rod and inserted in the cart. to drain some ink out of the cart. and there was air in the cart.) then I inserted in the 7800 and it would not print. I am still having problems with the Major problems with Cyan cartridge , little with Black and Yellow cartridge. then I replace your cyan cartridge with the Epson Cyan cartridge and the printer began printing without any problems. I think you need to replace the Cyan, Yellow, Black Cartridge. The All the ink purchased from your company is 3/4 gone with the print testing I have done to find the problem.

Thanks for the update Robert.

Do you have washers on the air inlet points of any of your refill carts? Does your printer’s pressure pump turn on frequently after installing the refill carts?
I am not certain what you mean when you say you inserted a rod into the cart to draw ink out, and there was air in the cart- did you insert the rod into the fill hole to the body of the cart, or into the exit chamber? There should be some air in the cartridge for proper pressurization and ink flow- do you mean the air was in the exit channel or main body of the cart? From what you say, it sounds like ink easily flows from the cartridge exit channel when primed, but you say NO ink is printing from the C channel with the refill cart installed (though it prints perfectly with the Epson C cart installed). These facts show 1. the printer’s C channel is working correctly and you’re not dealing with a clog, and 2. something with the C refill cart is restricting flow. If there is not a good seal between the cartridge and printer, in both the exit channel for ink and air inlet point for pressurization, then ink will not flow correctly (or not at all). If your printer’s pump is running more often with the refill C cart installed then with the Epson C cart, then I suspect there is not a good seal between the printer and cartridge’s air inlet point, in which case a washer will help seal that connection for proper pressurization, which controls ink flow.

As I pointed out when we spoke on the phone last week, Wells is our sales manager, and sometimes tries to help customers if they have issues and call for help, but is not technical support, and does not have the experience or in-depth knowledge with our products as I do. For the best and fastest resolution of your issue, it is important that you follow our support guidelines and contact techsupport for help- this will get you back to happily printing ASAP and avoid the waste of ink that you have experienced. Wells was only trying to help, and I appreciate that, but does not know to all the questions to ask or how to interpret the facts as I do.

During our phone conversation, you said this printer was serviced about a year ago by an Epson tech, but did not know what was done, nor have you cleaned/maintained the printer since. Do you have the information as to exactly what was done last year when the service tech worked on this printer? Those details would be very helpful to know. Regular cleaning is preventive maintenance and important to ensuring the best quality output and longest life from your printer- no matter what inks are used. Epson doesn’t supply information about printer maintenance because they want you to pay their service department, or just buy a new printer. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge with Epson printers, and maintain all our own machines. One of our main color production printers is about seven years old and still running strong, producing flawless prints :slight_smile:

We may be able to help you in regards to the ink wasted in troubleshooting this problem, but first it’s important to determine and resolve the cause of your problem and get you happily printing.

Please let me know so I can help.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Robert~ Wells told me you just called for a replacement cartridge, but it is important for you to answer the questions asked in my last post above before determining the cause and solution for your problem, or else we will be going round and round. I want to accurately resolve your issue and get you back to happily printing, so please take a moment to answer my questions so we can move forward.

Thanks and best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: