Ink flaking off the paper

I have an Epson 2880 and using the P2 ink set. I will make a print and my the time I walk 6 feet from the printer to my desk ink has flayed off the print, I noticed at least 3 spots. I brush off the paper and blow off with rocket air. The paper I’m using is Canson rag photographique 310, I’ve also used other papers and they seem to have the same issue but to a lesser degree. I don’t have this issue with my Canon printer. Any idea why this is happening.

Thanks John

Sounds like your printing on the wrong side of the paper.

When I take the paper out of the box I put an x in the right hand corner to indicate which side to print on, so don’t think that is the issue. I have read this is common for some papers.

I’m also printing on CRP with an R2880. I’m using Pro inks. I’ll give you my recipe to minimise these problems.

I gently brush the surface of the paper with a Kinetronics StaticWisk Anti-Static Cleaning Brush (model SW-140). I then use a Datavac Electronic Duster to blast the paper surface with high pressure air, and then also use it to blast the printer - the paper feed slots, the carriage bay and the outlet slot. Both these items can be purchased from B&H.

My hunch is that there’s loose paper dust sitting inside the printer, and that’s the cause of most of your problems. It would explain why the problem is printer specific. Which slot are you feeding from? You may get less dust generated if you use the rear feed, which is what you’d normally use for a paper that thick. The violence of the sheet feeder could well contribute to dust generation.

With most inkjet papers, there’s a very slight curve and the coated side is the concave side. With CRP, the coated side is very smooth to the touch, and the back is coarser. If you happen to print on the reverse (everyone does it once sooner or later), with CRP it’s usually pretty obvious, as the image is unsharp and flat, i.e. lacking contrast because the blacks are weak.

I use an Alvin Horse hair brush, but its not that good as in its not anti static by design. I use compressed air from a can to blow out the printer every now and then. Might be time to invest in some better printer maintenance tools.


I’m not sure that anti-static is really necessary, but soft certainly is. I found this out the hard way a number of years ago.

Update: I modified my work flow and have been able to get several prints without any white spots. here is what I did:

• Blow out printer with air
• Put on white gloves
• Remove Paper from the box
• Mark paper with an X in the lower right corner of the printable surface
• Attach paper to a foam board
• Wipe down printable surface with brush
• Blow off printable surface with a blow dryer
• Take paper off foam board and shake
• Put paper in printer and print
• Take off the printer once done and attach to foam board
• Let print sit for 1 hour, then use blow dryer to dry and remove any dust
• Put back in printer and print GO


I have found more problems in getting dust spots during a two-pass GO coating than in the first-pass print run. I don’t know why. For that reason I haven’t done a lot of it, and it’s not a problem with Pro inks and their one-pass GCO.

You said that you’re printing on CRP. You’re doing a GO coating on it?

Yes I apply a 30k GO layer. I think what helps a lot to keep dust down is once printing starts, do not open the printer until the print is done. If you open this allow lint in the air to flow onto the paper. At least that has helped for me.

Can I ask why you coat a print on CRP with GO? I tried it once and couldn’f detect any benefit.

I use the GO to give the print some protection like you would if you put a spray like Print Shield. I find the deeper the black the easier to show marks, even a finger print.