Ink disappearing from yellow cart R3000


Hello, this issue is that my yellow cart is draining with printing anything! I have inkjet mall refillable carts. A few weeks ago I purchased a new set of refillable carts, the large capacity ones. Before replacing my older small carts I wanted to use up the ink, since I had recently topped them all off. A week ago while printing I noticed that the yellow cart was empty. I removed it and replaced it with an new inkjet mall large capacity one, filled to the top, but couldn’t get the yellow to print. I assumed that I had air in the line and was to take it to a local authorized Epson repair to purge out the air (I have done this before and they charged only $85). I turned off the printer and did not attempt to print. This morning I decided to see if I could run some more cleaning cycles and to my amazement the new yellow cart was TOTALLY empty. This was without printing anything. I don’t seen any ink under the printer and I have no idea where it all went. Ink guzzling gremlins perhaps?

Any thoughts on what is going on?


I meant to say “this issue is that my yellow cart is draining WITHOUT printing anything!”


I think the damper inside of the unit directly above you print-head has a hole in thin film that keeps the ink in. aka, your ink is draining into the ink pad when your printer is sitting.

Do a search on this form for R3000 ink supply.